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From radio boards to satellite housing, we offer a number of products that will prove useful as you pursue your goals of exploring the outermost reaches of the earth.

EyeStar represents a new paradigm in ELEO satellite technology.  The result of years of experience and refinement in the HARP program, the EyeStar unit is certain to improve data acquisition by backing your satellite with a full fledged telecommunications network.

Eyestar Satellite Radios 

The acquisition and analysis of data is foundational to the mission of NSL.  We offer a number of products and services which streamline this process for  small satellites and high altitude ballooning. 


EST. 2012

After years of experience, including 300 successful balloon missions, our staff have extensive experience sending  balloons high into the atmosphere and retrieving data.  We would like to make our expertise available to you by offering a number of products and services!

Welcome to the Near Space Launch (NSL) home Page. Near Space Launch provides a variety of products and services to customers around the world. From high altitude ballooning to satellite design, NSL is here for you.  Thank you for your interest in our products and services!